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Germany | Exploring Lake Constance on a family bike ride

Germany | Exploring Lake Constance on a family bike ride

There is no better place than Lake Constance for bike lovers, especially for anyone staying at Camping Wirthshof. It’s impressive Bodensee-Radweg is a 170-mile cycle path for all abilities. From beginners who want to go around one of Europe’s most popular lakes to more advanced rider seeking to beat the record for a circumnavigation

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Surrounded by snowcapped Swiss mountains and forested shores, in Germany its lakeside is strewn with charming villages, fruit farms and picturesque islands. Islands that include the famous Insel Mainau‘Island of Flowers’ which had been on our list of ‘must sees’ (alongside the UNESCO stilt village of Pfahlbau)


It’s easy to see just why Lake Constance attracts biking enthusiasts who love to cycle in GermanyAustria and Switzerland on just one trip! Especially when you get views like the one above. Straddling all three countries, Lake Constance is Central Europe’s third largest lake. Created by the Rhine Glacier in the last ice age, it was a great chance to build on our geography lesson from the recent trip to the Stubai Glacier.

The bike paths are easily signposted across the route from Markdorf to the shores of Lake Constance, before they join up with the wider circular route around the lake (see here for more details). But it’s easy for children (and older adults alike) and you can easily travel the 20-25km we managed to and from the campsite to Lake Constance.
Lake Constance is over 60km long, 14 wide and over 250m deep in places. For those keen to actually travel the lake then there are plenty of other options apart from biking across via ferry. There’s the Bodensee Erlebniskarte (70+ Euros for 2 days travel and attractions) or you can even take a trip on the Zeppelin that circles above you daily.
There’s plenty of things to see on the way.. it varies according to the route you take but imagine cycling past fields of apple trees coming into harvest or stopping in historic old villages, with their centuries old churches with even the occasional nesting storks nearby
For those who love getting on their bikes too., we’re sure you’ll end up feeling the same as we did by the end… Something along the lines of……..”hmmm, could we possibly attempt a circumnavigation during a school summer holiday…. it’d be another great family adventure! to add to the growing list across Europe!!”

lake constance

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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