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Futuroscope – Expecting the Unexpected!

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After enjoying the rugged landscapes of the Dordogne, basking on the beautiful beaches of the Charente-Maritime and taking in the spectacular scenery and historic buildings of the Loire Valley, We’ve decided there really is something for everyone to enjoy in France. So we approached our visit to Poitou Charente with real excitement… having seen the abundant wildlife of the ‘Venise Verte’… we now decided to reach for the other end of the touristic spectrum…

A visit to the fun, festive and family friendly amusement park at Futuroscope.

With the park’s slogan claiming that all visitors should ‘expect the unexpected’… both girls were ready to be amazed… Firstly we need somewhere to stay and whilst in another life we may have used the numerous surrounding hotels…. we made great use of the on site motorhome aire within the park… only a quick stroll to the gates after picking up fresh croissants from the brilliant ‘accueil area’ within the aire…

Suitably fed and watered, the stroll took no more than 5minutes (door to door)… With Premium Passes to ensure we got the very most out of the experience, we headed into the array of bubbles that streamed across the entrance… heading for some welcome hand held translators that work across the park to help explain each audio-visual presentation..


Deciding to leave the highlights to the middle of the day we set out to make the most of the time available in the park (8.30am to 11.30pm – phew!!)
Heading straight for the ‘Le Monde des Enfants’, both girls jumped onto the busy rides … the Nipper Dipper (see below pic), the Da Vinci inspired ride and Le Tourbillion…. before heading into the wider park to see some of the amazing architecture and attractions…
It took some effort but we visited pretty much all of the 25 live shows, evening spectaculars and exhilarating adventure rides… so I guess it’s possible to get your monies worth and there are certainly things for every age to enjoy.
Since you’re bound to ask..? Our favourites included the ‘Dancing with Robots’ – a truly mad yet exhilarating experience strapped to a robotic arm whilst dancing to Martin Solevig’s ‘Hello‘…. Or the ‘Kube’ – an amazing acrobatic masterclass with some pretty funky audio-visual screens to match the artistry shown by the dancers.. or perhaps the kids favourite… a chance to meet Arthur and grab a truly amazing 4D adventure on the hair raising race across the world of the Minimoys…

But in truth thats hugely unfair on the other attractions… as there are some real opportunities to learn such as the IMAX production of Tiny Giants (chipmunk/mouse journeys through early life) or the futuristic areas at ‘Futur L’Expo’.. (a glimpse into future technologies). Perhaps even better was the more sensory ‘Journey into the Dark’.. a blind person’s perspective of the world….

For those considering a visit too, perhaps the most important point about Futuroscope is that they are constantly adding new attractions (e.g Ice Age – 4D adventure through History or the evening spectacular ‘La Forge aux Etoiles’… Continually winning awards for the best attractions by creating adventurous yet educational opportunities that everyone can enjoy… Next year, we’ll certainly visit with grandparents too…. the question is what will they enjoy the most??? I guess we’ll just have to try it to find out…….

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