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France | Revisiting Strasbourg; a family favourite from last year’s ‘Taste of France’ roadtrip

France | Revisiting Strasbourg; a family favourite from last year’s ‘Taste of France’ roadtrip

They say travelling with extended families can be the stuff of dreams — or a living nightmare. For us, we’ve loved every minute of our shared roadtrip just like last year’s ‘A Taste of France‘ joint roadtrip together. So knowing the girl’s grandparents loved their visits to Alsace, we’ve returned to it’s capital Strasbourg to share one of our families favourites cities (find our tips for over 50 other European Cities here)

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Leaving Germany’s Black Forest behind us, we headed northwest and across the border into France for another city experience. We’re really lucky as having younger children means they offer a naturally inquisitive perspective. Almost every sentence seems to start with ‘Why does….‘, ‘What is….” or ‘How does this….‘ which is fantastic (if a little tiring…) But we find it always helps if you shape a city visit to their interests, rather than yours.
So although this visit might not have included the boat trip to the EU buildings (completed on our visit to Strasbourg in Leg 3 Roadtrip – Adriatic Adventure)… We hoped to see more of the cathedral, see some street painting and african drumming. Plus take the chance to enjoy an evening walk through the picturesque cobbled streets of ‘La Petit France
It’s been interesting to discuss European History across our trips. So having visited the WW1 Battlefields or the scene of the 1990’s Blakan Siege in Dubrovnik both girls were fascinated in Strasbourg’s recent and more ancient history. Much of which can be seen in the architecture that is undeniably crafted by both French & German hands over the centuries. A trip through ‘La Petit France’ takes you past medieval twisting alleys full of half timbered houses or winstubs (Alsatian cafes), along the river’s edge towards the impressive Gothic Cathedral.
But Strasbourg is much more than an ancient relic, it also has a vibrancy that matches places like Porto, Florence or Prague. All are impressive cities with histories to share, but all have a sense of future too… and the vibrant street mosiac art (painting each cobble stone) or drumming masterclasses in Strasbourg’s centre are great examples of this… not to mention to the brilliant tram service (perhaps only matched by Bordeaux for quality and efficiency). Perhaps we’ll even have to return at Christmas time, as we’ve heard they’re Christmas Markets rival anything across France (although Angers might argue differently…)
The other reason we opted for Strasbourg was the the quality of the Indigo campsite just outside the city centre. Full of timbered building, exposed pine and plenty of facilities, it’s only a short bike ride into the city (3km by cycle paths) or by bus or tram. Whilst its nordic feel simply reminds us of enjoyable times in Norway or Sweden)..


so where did we park the bus for the night?

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