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The First of the 2 C’s of the South West of France – Carcassonne and the Camargue

The First of the 2 C’s of the South West of France – Carcassonne and the Camargue

With the need to push on due to our intention to circumnavigate France… we’ve descended south into both the Aude region of France and then into the Arles region to see the famed Carmargue region….. and the truly spectacular fortified town of Carcassonne.

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Having left the Dordogne following a fantastic family experience on the Dordogne River, we’ve headed the 3hrs or so south towards Carcassonne… a settlement since pre-Roman times, its been around since the Neolithic Period….. a fortified settlement surrounded by fertile vineyards, a site so important to both the Romans (for its strategic importance) and UNESCO(for its continuing world heritage status)!
Our visit to Carcassonne was a direct result of wanting to share our previous visit last year, this settlement truly enchanted both girls and they continue to be reminded of this…. with both girls still loving their hoodies purchased at one of the quaint shops that adorn the cobbled streets of this city. Indeed Carcassonne was once seen as impregnable in the 700’s… was independent of France in the 1200’s… was fought over by the French in the Treaty of the Pyrenees…
Its 53 turrets that provide such an unquestionably impressive first impression are just a small measure of it’s defensive strength…its gained  resurgence in it’s popularity in the 1990’s – perhaps due to the emergence of budget airline flights to their local airport, the use of Carcassonne on a country wide stamp and the links to Disney…

For us, it just represents a chance for both girls to imagine what it may have been like to be a princess here… gazing out of the towers as the knights head out to do battle… or to wander the cobbled streets in search for the local delicacy a cassoulet… its the perfect place to grab a family adventure (either by staying in the local hotels or the nearby motorhome aire)

Grab a chance to wander the cobbled streets, take the opportunity to have a small drink/meal (Lottie grabbed her favourite – moules/frites) in the cobbled streets of the historic centre (perfectly lit if you visit at dusk)… or just wander along the battlements taking in the views of the Languedoc.. Don’t believe us, see what these local think to their wonderful city???

playa montroig

so where did we park the bus for the night?

They’ve recently moved the aire from just outside the castle walls (shame!!)… but the new aire is great value and has good facilities… it sits under the castle and about a 5min bike ride away.. GPS to follow when we get it!!!

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