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Entering the ‘Garden of Spain’ at Camping Quinta Bella at Águilas

Entering the ‘Garden of Spain’ at Camping Quinta Bella at ÁguilasScore 63%Score 63%

What an amazing experience for any family motorhomer in Spain! Nestled in the citrus lined hills near Águilas is the charming and utterly authentic Spanish Campsite Experience… located around a stunning old Spanish ‘Finca’ (farmhouse) La Quinta Bella positively screams peace/quiet & community for those that winter here… but there’s really something for everyone all year round!!

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If you’re pulling a big RV across Europe then the 200sqm plots will be a welcome sight or if you’re searching for something to tickle your taste buds then the chef Mark is a true hidden gem! The local produce from the ‘Garden of Spain’ led to platefuls of food which were devoured in record time in the newly created ‘TJ’s wooden bar’… full of carvings that reminded us a little of our visit to Alhambra in Grenada. Whilst the sunny pool area sits impressively alongside the new dining area but enjoys views over seemingly miles & miles of orange groves and mountains… perfect to explore on foot or by bike
Our day started with our ‘motorhome’ favourite…. the fun of halving and pressing the daily 5kg of oranges for a healthy and refreshing orange juice! It’s amazingly cheap and certainly fights off the coughs/colds… a healthy daily dose of Vitamin C to start the day! Before we headed off to explore the local campsite… pausing to enjoy a coffee and one of the handmade cakes from the campsite owners (Johanathan/Terry).. even having time to enjoy the fantastic wifi to update the website! A perfect morning’s work!! As regular readers know we love an opportunity to cook (or learn to cook better!) and both girls love spending time with the chef Mark who was impressed with the girls cookery blogs (check it out here if you haven’t seen them… we’re now waiting for Mark’s special Tapas recipe to add a Spanish Blog to the growing collection from across Europe)
From traditional Spanish ‘Finca’ experiences to themed activities across the year. Imagine this place for some authentic winter sun! Camping in your own peaceful citrus lined valley under a blanket of stars! Just Perfect!. But as we are a touring family in a motorhome, we only had 2 days to explore the local region so we headed out on a hike across the  beautiful and scenic area that surrounded us… Set in the Paraje Del Charcon, the mountains provide the backdrop to the north whilst the glittering Mediterranean does likewise to the south…. The authentic Spanish Coastal resort of Águilas lies nearby so there’s the option of beach days but the mountains were too much of a  temptation for us… so accompanying a kind ‘long term resident’ we headed out with the dogs to enjoy the craggy crops, orange groves and caves!We’d love to have taken the bikes next time as it has amazing trails and chances to test those newly found skills from the Flamsbana bike ride
It’s easy to fall in love with this beautiful finca & it’s campsite and we reckon it’s perfect for either a short or long stay. A stunning rural location away from the crowds where you can enjoy superb food, sunshine and peace.

La Quinta Bella

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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