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Driving to Ronda, Andalusia – what a view!!! Can’t wait to visit the old town tomorrow

Driving to Ronda, Andalusia – what a view!!! Can’t wait to visit the old town tomorrow

Yet another busy start to the day as we headed out to meet our new friends with a cup of coffee from the new machine… simple pleasures!!!! But alas they weren’t up so we headed across to the beach for some photos with not a cloud in sight…

Then back to the van and coffee and breakfast pastries with our new friends – Julie and George – who we hope to travel with next year. Great to hear all about their travels and to glean some more bits for the next stage of our journey before we sadly departed yet another good site (with some lovely people who told us how to use the ACSI maps!!!!!).

The drive across to Ronda was something to behold…. reminiscent of the plains of the Wild West in America or even the South Downs of England. This region has one of the wettest climates in Spain so it was somewhat strange to to see fields of grass everywhere!!!!

Finally as we headed across the mountains we entered the region of Ronda, with a wonderful old city, frightening gorge to cross on foot and a bull fighting museum…

As we were late in arriving, we have decided to settle down for the evening with some Piri Piri chicken and salad before an early night and a chance to see Ronda all of tomorrow (and hopefully an evening of tapas if we are lucky too).

The bikes are ready to go…..! Looking forward to tomorrow!

PS – so that effort at a quiet night fell foul of the LMFAO and PSY songs before bed..,.. We’re now fully Shuffled and Gangnum Style’d out…… Great fun but shudder to think what our neighbours think about the rocking van….)


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