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Discovering Cordoba in Spain | A new family favourite…

Discovering Cordoba in Spain | A new family favourite…Score 81%Score 81%

If the great cities of Andalusia were a flamenco troupe, Córdoba would play the cameo, the mysterious beauty appearing all too briefly before the noisier Seville and Granada take over again. It’s a hidden Andalusian gem not to be missed….

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With tired eyelids, we awake to the sounds of the hustle and bustle of urban life outside…. having parked so close to the main touristic areas of Cordoba, perhaps we should have expected this…. but this was loud!!!! So when we turned into yet another beautiful street and found the Royal Stables… well our two ‘pony mad’ girls simply couldn’t contain themselves…


Thankfully, there are free open sessions to the public on certain mornings,  so we spent the next hour watching the Andalusian horsemen show us their skills in the outdoor menage… surrounded by palm trees, old towers and beautiful orange trees.. perhaps one of the endearing memories of the trip so far… the girls were in awe!
Most of the sights are within an easy 20mins walk from the centre. So we reckon the best way to take in the scent of orange blossom, the strains of Spanish guitar and tempting tapas bars is by foot. It’s perhaps easiest to take in the outer attractions before finishing at the Mequito…. so we headed for the Castle of the English Monarchs near the Royal Riding School.

Where to visit in Cordoba?

Then onto the main draw, the Mequito, but only after some well earned lunch at one of the local tapas bars in the central square!!!!! Afterwards we headed into this stunning cathedral with towers, orange groves and a unique mixture of faiths and architecture!!! It was stunning and certainly worth a visit again!! That said the previous Castle of the Monarchs may have just shaded it!


So what about the road schooling? Well we chose Cordoba as it’s the perfect mixture of religions. Looking back in history, when the Muslims invaded Spain, which they renamed al-Andalus, they found a mixed population of Christians and Jews. In the decades preceding the invasion, the Jews had suffered violent Visigothic persecution. They evidently welcomed the Muslims. They may have heard that Islamic policy toward People of the Book in conquests elsewhere had been relatively non-violent, that in return for their own submission they would benefit from becoming “protected people,” ahl al-dhimma. Submission wasn’t a bad price to pay in those days for security and religious freedom.

such a vibrant City

It was fast becoming apparent that Cordoba’s religious history is as rich as its vibrant culture. So where better to see a different side to Cordoba than the Juderia. A labyrinth of small street with bars, shops and museums! A truly wonderful, wonderful place to spend 2 hours!!


We took in the Jewish Synagogue and also the Inquistador museum… a real eye opener for the girls! It is truly terrible how much the Jews were persecuted….

Rather than launching into guide book territory…. here’s a great link to find out more about Religion and Cordoba….. but rest assured that if you have kids willing to learn about oppression, suppression and religious tolerance… Cordoba is definitely the place to take them!

But just like any other roadtrip adventure… there’s always an end to consider (in our case a ferry to catch from northern France in a few days). So after treading the streets of Cordoba from 9am until 4pm. Our expert mediator decided that with feet aching and a need to push north, we should head back to the van and onto the motorway north….After a full 500km and 5hrs + of driving later , we have arrived in Segovia!!!! A fairytale castle beckons as too does Madrid via the train!

Another busy day tomorrow perhaps….

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so where did we park the bus for the night?

our top tips to help you?

Top tip number 1 If you’re looking to visit a city on a budget, we’ve found great value in lunch time meals from local bakeries

Top tip number 2 – Its also the perfect chance to try out some basic language skills… always guaranteed to bring a smile and an appreciating nod

Top Tip Number 3– Always try to plan the top attraction in for later in the afternoon or first thing in the morning. Just don’t miss the Bell Tower in Cordoba that shuts around lunchtime. Plus if it helps, we’ve often found more deals can be haggled in the late afternoon slots with kind entrance folk.

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