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Discover just how family friendly Edinburgh is, even on a rainy day in January!

Discover just how family friendly  Edinburgh is, even on a rainy day in January!

With Edinburgh besieged by relentless rain and winds, it wasn’t the best start to the day… but somewhat tentatively, we set off for our first stop. Both girls had expressed an interest in the previous day’s planning for a trip to see the Queen’s old yacht – HMS Britannia. It is moored in the newly constructed (well since 1997 anyway!) Ocean Terminal in Leith boatyard. The yacht was fabulous and a real insight into the Queen’s life aboard the yacht courtesy of a fantastic audio tour. With freshly made fudge bought and cooked onboard, we headed into Ocean Terminal for lunch.

Since Disneyland last year, Libby has been desperate to have another ‘Chicken Gyro’ and as we all love Greek food, it seemed an obvious choice…. Mr Nicks!! The food didn’t disappoint and we headed off to walk the Royal Mile.

Ulriken Cable Car, Bergen

Edinburgh was now firmly under attack from the rain god, and we were soaked through before we even reached the centre…. but we soldiered on and eventually arrived at Edinburgh Castle. After a few snaps and a chance to discuss its history, we headed into the other attraction that had been agreed last night.

The Camera Obscura was fantastic and brilliant (for adults and kids alike). The range of mesmeric puzzles, eye tricking impressions/stands allied to the sheer innovative approach is a show stopper!! The girls loved the interactive nature of every one of the 5 floors (not to mention the views over Edinburgh before you start). A brilliant choice by the girls!!

So on southwards after we had reached the motorhome (parked near to Ocena Terminal, Bus number 22 or 34 into Princess street – worth noting that!). Melrose the destination, close to the border before we breach England again tomorrow and onwards to York!!

Am sure we’ll sleep well tonight…. if this wind dies down a bit!!!

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