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Delivering two little princesses in their horse drawn carriage in Seville

Delivering two little princesses in their horse drawn carriage in Seville

Having finally plucked up the courage to leave the beautiful beaches around Cardiz, we headed northwards to somewhere we had all been looking forward to seeing… Seville!

Having arrived at the marina at Gelves (thanks to those who recommended it, you know who you are :)) we unpacked and tried to take in our new surroundings…

We finally decided on a bike ride up the river in preparation for a ride across to Seville in the morning. So as the sun dropped, we headed up the river, pausing briefly for a go on the ‘outdoor gym’ and then on up the river.

We headed towards the metro station on the river (San Juan Bajo) to check out tomorrow’s route… But having checked it out… we were faced with a decision, either return to the marina and the van or park the bikes and have some fun…..

So with little time to make the decisions, we hopped onto the metro and into Seville, stopping briefly at Gran Plaza before heading towards Puerto Jerez….

Both girls were immediately delighted as the sights and sounds were fantastic – from hot roasting horse chestnuts through to street performers and horse drawn carriages….

With a little money saved in recent days, and after some delicate negotiations, we succumbed and jumped onto a vastly reduced trip around the entire city…. It truly was magical, both girls were in awe and the sights kept tumbling into view (one after another) It really has some of the best architecture, gardens and plazas in the whole of Spain. It is now a firm favourite with the girls who felt like princesses for the whole trip!

Having grabbed some tapas (courtesy of Burger King – ouch! A necessity due to timings…), we started homewards and back to the Marina.

Choices, choices, choices to make…… ?????

With some of Seville completed today, and with Lisbon and a birthday bash to attend… we might head west into Portugal tomorrow before returning to spend our last few days of this trip in Seville….

And to top off a lovely night, we just had a quick tweet from Becky Adlington which has made a little girl’s day…. she has headed to bed with a smile as wide as the Atlantic Ocean!!


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