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Considering Motorhoming in Croatia : Just don’t miss out on Camping Nevio in Orebić!

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The terraced sea-view pitches at Camping Nevio can be found on the peninsula of land that reaches out to Korčula. Undeniably one of the best views we’ve seen in Croatia. It’s a special area not to be missed….

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Flanked by steep mountains, the crystal clear water only adds to the staggeringly beautiful view over a sweeping bay full of small islands. Add to that a private beach, sports facilities and some truly fabulous sunsets…. It really is a ‘picture perfect’ destination that’s great for kids too!
If you’ve read yesterday’s article on Korčula (the Black Corfu) you’ll know just how majestic the scenery is here… but I think it’s probably a view you have to see with your own eyes….. Picture this, all your belongings safely stowed in the back of your motorhome. Imagine you sitting in the drivers seat, with the kids in the back, ready and raring to go for your ‘Croatian Island Tripping’ holiday…. a holiday that should surely include a short stay at the idyllic family run  4* Camping Nevio!


Whether you’re seeking a little tranquility, nature, comfort or an ideal spot for your family and your children… this place has something to offer you all… But perhaps the first place to start would be the beach…. underneath a hillside lavishly covered in pine trees, Camping Nevio boasts an extraordinarily mild climate (it was 23°C in early April!) and a crystal clear, blue sea that seems to draw you into spending a lazy day beside the beach…. or enjoying a quiet drink in the beach-side bar.


Every campsite should have Something special

It’s recently renovated site is undergoing a huge transformation to add even more comfort and services… with dishwashing and sanitary areas completely refreshed and renovated (we thought the old blocks were more than adequate too!) It’s just such an accessible site, with sea views available from every terrace and a feeling safety across the entire site that is crucial when visiting with young children.

Imagine grabbing an early morning croissant in the above restaurants as you listen to the waves lap gently against the shore or stand on the jetty watching the fish lazily swimming underneath you…. You can even catch a direct transfer to visit Korčula each morning and returning in the evening!


But here’s where the campsite really works for us… it has a fantastic set of staff who can’t do enough to help you during your stay but who prioritise renewability and sustainable green initiatives… It’s such a ‘green’ campsite! (grey water systems, free ‘CamperClean’ cassette cleaners, recycling areas, solar energy)…. It’s just getting it so right for a campsite that wants to protect the environment around it! (For those who’ve never seen CamperClean – check this out, it brings a new pleasure to emptying cassettes!.. in fact you don’t even touch it to empty it!)


But if you’ve got active children like ours, and wonder will there be enough to entertain them? Fear not, as there are plenty of superb sport facilities (tennis court, multi activity court, playgrounds, beaches, hiking trails, biking trails…..) In fact they’re even lit at night so your kids can ’empty their tanks’ like ours did during our stay…. They’re even putting in a brand new mini golf, boules and fitness area that will add even more to this ‘all-round, all year’ campsite in Croatia. (if you’d like to see our other top picks from around Europe, check this page out)

But venture outside the campsite and you can explore the beautiful seaside town of Orebić or grab your hiking shoes and head up into the mountains that tower imposingly over the campsite….. If you’ve got the energy and inclination, you’ll be rewarded with some spectacular views across the entire bay (in fact if you make it to the top, you can even see Italy on a clear day!)

We were incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity of a guided tour from the enthusiastic and energetic Ines, who offered to take her dog on the hike too… so with Libby & Lottie immediately smitten by this beautiful animal… we headed up through pine forests on the well signposted hiking trails that even allow you through the impressive vineyards… towards one of those fantastic places that only locals know of… an impossibly beautiful viewpoint overlooking the Adriatic beside a small ‘local run’ restaurant offering traditional Croatian food and wine… the perfect reward for a morning hike up the mountain! So if you get a chance to visit, then it’s well worth checking out ‘ HRID (Family AgroTourism)

For those looking to spend time outside the campsite, you’ll love nearby Korčula.

Korčula‘s charms extend beyond the scenic ​ferry ride across from Orebić and further into this blissfully beautiful old medieval walled city… often described as a mini ‘Dubrovnik‘…. It is covered by vineyards, olive groves and pretty villages….  the island of Korčula is the sixth-largest Adriatic island… yet only 29.1 miles long and 4.8miles wide! So whether you’re looking for history, culture or watersports, fresh seafood, or some of the most stunningly clear water in the world, you’ll be able to find it here before returning back to Camping Nevio to enjoy a ‘sun downer’ from your sea terrace overlooking that setting sun disappearing behind the island of Korčula.


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