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Briefly back in the UK… so what did we get up to??

Briefly back in the UK… so what did we get up to??

Reconnecting with Good Friends….

As we’ve been away so much this year, we’ve worked really hard to keep in touch with friends where possible… sadly when we get back, there’s never enough time to see all our friends due to time and geographic constraints…. but thankfully this gives us good reasons to come back and find time to see them all later in the summer.

This time, both girls have been delighted to see some of their god parents when we came back … but trips across from Hampshire to North Yorkshire to the Midlands and London… have all meant this time has been shorter than we’d hoped… however we’ve managed some wonderful days with great friends and the occasional ‘much missed chinese’ or ‘english breakfasts’!

Can’t escape it forever, some hard work…

“Time waits for no man!”.… and nor does the grass in our garden… certainly one of the toughest jobs on any return back from a trip abroad… but this time it was of epic proportions… we almost lost Libby in the wilderness on the first day!!

But it was good to get back to some hard work and as ever, the results always make the hard work worth it… but perhaps not as enjoyable the indoor dusting and cleaning!!!

We even managed to grab time to fit another Nextbase Dashcam… so impressed with the hard wiring kit as it made this one an absolute doodle, and we love capturing our journeys across Europe with them

Animals, animals, animals…..

A​s regular readers will know, both girls have developed a genuine passion for all things ‘horsey’…. so a trip to see the New Forest Ponies made both girls weekend!!

As too did a chance to visit family friends on their farm and see the newly born calves…. a chance that Libby grabs with both hands (literally!  those poor calves never stood a a chance!)

With dog walking, hikes over the North Yorkshire Moors and the New Forest… its been an active 2 weeks… think we need a holiday!!!!

G​ood thing the Gironde is beckoning and the forecast looks good….For those who love France, the next few months have been given over to developing both girls language skills… as we hope to travel across the whole country in September and a focus in August on the Western Atlantic Coast and the Dordogne region. Yay!!!!

Everyone in the van can’t wait for the ferry on Wednesday!!!! Part 5 almost ready to get underway!!

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Ever wanted to pack your bags, just jump in a motorhome and go off and explore Europe as a family? Well, that’s exactly what my family has done since September 2015. Visiting 35 European countries, travelling over 54,000 miles and grabbing over 450 family experiences on the way… enjoying Bobsleigh in Norway, Climbing into Mt Etna in Sicily or Kayaking the River Dordogne.

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