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Author: Catherine

Some well earned Rest & Relaxation at Torre del Sol as our European Roadtrip reaches Tarragona

A busy few days meant that whenever we chanced upon somewhere… we would stop and enjoy the chance to relax….. and this sub tropical paradise is certainly meant for that type of stay…. Be it serving up Paella or building concentric ring sand castles….. we have enjoyed the stay…. The on site restaurant has been sampled, the mini golf appraised….. and the swimming pools (x4) tried and tested….. Maybe we should stay longer…. the girls certainly want to…. but the lure of the South means we are likely to move onto Valencia sooner rather than later…. A shame, it...

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Marina or Sea…. it’s a tough choice after we leave Empuriabravia

Following a cold night in Fortia (at a great Aire which we would highly recommend), we travelled into Empuriabravia to see how attractive the ‘reclaimed land’ really was…. And we were not disappointed, the girls loved taking the hired speedboat for a spin and we caused chaos for 1hr…. after some stunning marinas we decided to head southwards… Having seen Barcelona in February, we all decided that perhaps further south might be best and therefore moved onto our planned stop at Tarragon and the Torre del Sol site. This subtropical site is literally on the beach… in fact, I’m...

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Over the hills to Spain…. leaving Leucate for the Costa Brava

Today started well after an enjoyable bike ride to get the morning croissants. The lagoon was a sight to behold and the salty sea air must have been responsible for the hearty appetite shown by all!! After breakfast, and with the van readied for departure, we headed up the hill to an ancient citadel and a chance to see the views. It was a full 360 degree view that simply went on for miles….. After a chance for some climbing and a chance to view the grottos…. we headed back to the lagoon and lunch. After lunch we headed...

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Medieval Charm at Carcassonne

It may have been a far cry from the peaks of the Pyrenees, but the heat certainly went up a notch or two today – peaking (!) at a more than comfortable 24ºC in the afternoon at Carcassonne. The 2hr drive took us through the Midi Pyrenees and into the Languedoc, which had certain similarities to the recently visited Gironde. Sweeping valleys filled with vineyards set against ‘moody’ mountain backdrops behind. We had been warned that Carcassonne would be special (it is listed in France’s Top 18 places to visit from the LonelyPlanet guide ( . The changing landscape...

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