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200th Blog Post | Visiting one of France’s ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages de France’ | Talmont sur Gironde

200th Blog Post | Visiting one of France’s ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages de France’ | Talmont sur Gironde

Situated in the heart of the Charente Maritime, Talmont sur Gironde’s attractive position is only enhanced by the lapping shores of the Gironde, abundant hollyhocks alongside the rippling sunflowers and healthy vineyards that surround this quaint and well preserved coastal village

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It’s history from 1284 includes being burnt by the Spanish, a key role in the ‘Hundred Year’ war between France & England and also playing a key role in the pilgrims that made their journey along the Camino de Santiago.
The rocky outcrop that encompasses the village measures only 4.4km but seems to be packed full of opportunities for visitors of ever age. With kids and grandparents with us on this visit, we returned to both celebrate our wedding anniversary and to enjoy the nighttime extravaganza that occurs through the summer months each Tuesday. Celebrating at the girl’s favourite place – the ‘Donkey in Culottes’. The restaurant holds a great central location that allows the sounds of the open air jazz musicians to waft over you whilst enjoying some tasty, inexpensive food.
Each stunning white walled boutique shop offers an interesting variety of products including pottery, soap makers, chocolates and a wide variety of jewellery makers. Staying later into the evening, the additional night time candles make each shopping expedition feel that little bit more magical whilst the illuminations/music display of the Romanesque ‘Church of St Radegonde’ is worth staying late just to see….

Every region should have Something special

With easy parking available on site for both cars and motorhomes, it really is the perfect place to grab a glass of Pineau de Charentesor a ‘crepe au sucre’ and watch the sun go down from the impressive village walls that tower some 30ft over the Gironde.

It’s really not hard to see just why it has made it into the list of 167 ‘Most Beautiful Villages’ in France whilst the pretty village of Mornac sur Seudre is only just down the road… A Taste of France at it’s best!!!

Talmont sur gironde

so where did we park the bus for the night?

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